Privacy Policy

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MT Xport Consultants Oy (“Xport”) collects personal data. We handle the collected data according to the privacy data law. Our privacy policy will be frequently adjusted. On this page you will always find the latest version.

Data controller and Contact

MT Xport Consultants Oy
Keskuskatu 10
60100 Seinäjoki

Phone: 044 969 0051
Business ID: 2593908-1

Purpose of processing personal data and use of registers

The personal data is collected, saved and used for the following purposes:

1.Providing and Managing Customer Services.

We collect, use and store personal data to ensure our customer service. The information stored is being used for billing, handling complaints, customer support, customer satisfaction surveys and debt collection.

2. Marketing and Communication

We also collect personal data for marketing and communication purposes according to the personal data law. Collected data might be used to target and develop our marketing and communication services so that for example newsletters or other direct marketing becomes more relevant to our customers.

3. Other Obligations

We collect and process our customers’ personal data for administrative purposes such as in our accounting and for other statutory obligations.

4. Human Resources Management

For human resources management we safe personal data of our employees and job applicants.
For any services on our website that are carried out by a third-party we comply to the third-party’s privacy policy.

Where does the information come from?

The data stored and used by Xport is given to us by the person itself. As customers buy our services they give us their contact information. Personal data is also collected when customers sign up for our newsletter, fill in contact forms on our homepage or download material from our homepage. We may also use and store public informations from homepages or various registers as well as social media.

What information do we store?

We store data from our customers, potential customers, job applicants and employees. We store information such as names, company names, personal/company addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, marketing permission, customer feedback information, billing information, order information, delivery information and other contract information.

In addition we collect and process information about our online services by using cookies.

From our employees and job applicants we collect basic information as well as information needed to make salary payments and meet statutory obligations. CV’s and job applications sent to us can be stored.

Given consent, we might also collect other information.

Who handles the data?

Personal data is processed mainly by Xport employees. In some cases the personal information may be shared with third-party suppliers complying to the third-party’s privacy policy.

Where do we safe personal data?

Personal data is collected and processed mostly within the EU. In some cases however, personal data will be transferred and processed outside the EU – for example if using cloud services. In these cases Xport will ensure an adequate level of protection and meet the legal requirements. An example of data stored outside the EU is the newsletter software we use provided by Mailchimp. Mailchimp’s server is located in the United States and therefore the data is protected under the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement.

Personal data storage

Personal data is mainly kept in electronic form. The data is password protected and only accessible with given rights.


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. The server subsequently reads the cookie and can identify users to a certain degree (the users are given an anonymous identification number). We for example use Google Analytics, which collects cookies so we can for example see if users have returned to our homepage and what was relevant to the users and track the success of marketing campaigns.

Cookies make it easier for users to access websites and enable specific functions such as session recall, site personalisation and easy authentication. We use cookies to collect information about devices and browsers our visitors use to be able to analyse and track our marketing. The visitors benefit from better targeted marketing that is more relevant to them. Collected cookie information is stored in Google Analytics for 38 Months.

Everyone is free to change their browser’s settings so that cookies can’t be collected. Turning off cookies however might result in malfunctioning of websites and less relevant content shown. You may want to clear the cookie history from your web browser to prevent them from accumulating. Check your browser settings for more information.

By using our website you consent to the above described policies.

Your rights

You are entitled to inspect the data Xport stored of you.

You have the right to request a removal of your data.

You have the right to request removal of your data.

You have the right to deny/withdraw consent to direct marketing.

You have the right to limit or object the processing of personal data.

You have the right to request to move your data from one system to another.

To enforce your rights you can contact us by for example sending a message to

However before your request can be carried out we have to verify your identity.