Partner Search will help you find a partner from the export market

Faster results with the right partners

When looking for new partners in export markets it’s important to make a detailed plan and a profile of who you want to meet. In Partner Search, the distribution channel is decided first – directly to a customer or through a partner. After this, we will list the criteria that the customer or partner needs to have. With these criteria we will make a customer profile or partner profile and start searching for companies who fit into this profile. We then contact the companies of your choice to help find the most suitable partner for your company.

Partner Search before fairs

We can also conduct the Partner Search before international trade fairs and invite potential customers and partners to visit your stand. This will get you more value from your trade fair.

Xport Associates, freelancer network consists of people native to various countries around the world who can conduct searches and contact companies in the language of the target country. Using the help of these freelancers and the knowledge of the culture and language, identifying and making contact with potential customers or distributors is both quick and efficient.



"With only two calls by Xport with the industry umbrella organizations in the U.S. helped us decide what our next steps will be in North America."

Esla, Sales Manager
Raija Soukka