Aiming for international market and export development?

We provide internationalization services to both experienced export companies and companies who are just planning or starting to export. We also carry out various export development projects with business development organizations.

Xport’s international team will map out your company’s export capabilities, and together we will make a plan to develop your company’s exports and apply for the appropriate business support. For the implementation, we choose the most suitable Xport services for you. We are involved in every step, according to the needs of your company!

What customers say

"The vital and accurate yearly plan for sales and marketing, made during the group project has been a great treasure map for us: both a management tool and the foundation for building the overall picture."

Susanna Myllymäki, CEO
More Joy Oy

“The study focused on mapping the current state of the Swedish and Dutch street kitchen markets and existing players. The study resulted in an up-to-date view of marketing channels, players, products, potential customers and competitors in that market. Through these measures, we found partners with whom we will continue to develop and test the product family.

The cooperation went very well right from the offer stage. Xport's professional approach to work and reporting, as well as its smooth collaboration throughout the project with regular meetings, was second to none. We got more than we expected!

Henri Penttilä, CEO
Teuvan Keitintehdas Oy

"I have been on a number of trade missions throughout the world and this trade mission organised by Xport was outstanding. The Xport team was responsive from the beginning of the process and any questions or concerns were addressed in record time. The final agenda for the arranged meetings was well prepared, detailed and sent to me with enough time for me to review and prepare for the meetings."

I was very impressed with how well the potential appointments met all my needs. The caliber of appointments was nothing short of amazing.

I have been a number of trade missions where a "good meeting" return would be about 20%. This Finish trade mission was a solid 50% with a very high degree of closer potential. This was an amazing week of appointments.

Andrew Nickodemus
Redi-Rock International
Global Account Manager

Olemme tehneet Xportin kanssa
markkinaselvityksiä, messuyhteistyötä, käännöstöitä sekä
yhteistyökumppaneiden kartoitusta ja suunnitelmaa jälleenmyyntimme
kehittämiseksi. Yhteistyö on ollut erittäin sujuvaa ja antoisaa!"

Minttu Karppinen, markkinointipäällikkö
Lankava Oy


“Xport has been an important part of our internationalization projects in Europe, Japan and the Nordic countries. We have done market research, trade show cooperation, translation work, searching for new resellers and developing our strategy for our reseller network with Xport. The cooperation has been very smooth and fruitful!"

Minttu Karppinen, Marketing Manager
Lankava Oy