Nordic Export - Where Suppliers Meet Their Partners

We bring together the suppliers looking for new markets and international buyers looking for new partners

Nordic Export is a digital export promotion service online where we build connections between international buyers and resellers. On the platform, nordic companies are presented in clusters to potential partners, which makes it easier for international buyers to find interesting companies and products. Nordic Export is a meeting place like an industry trade show, but online. In addition, networks offer a number of benefits, such as risk-sharing, combining resources, and increasing one’s own competence and expertise.

Nordic Export was created to help the internationalization of SMEs when

  • The international trade shows are not taking place
  • The company is looking for a simple way to explore the international market
  • The company wants to start internationalization cost-effectively
  • The company is willing to cooperate in the export market with other companies from the same industry
  • The company needs help building networks and finding the right contacts

In virtual events, you get to meet potential partners

On the platform, we organize group-specific events where we search for and invite companies that meet the criteria and partner profile provided by the participating companies. At the event, you will be able to present your company, products and services to potential partners and hold one-on-one meetings in your own personal virtual room.


More information about the service:

Marko Luoma
045 880 3770

Marja Sulkakoski
040 6672166