Mark Wiltshear standing around a table with two women, hosting a sales pitch workshop.

Long Lasting Effects Of A Sales Pitch Workshop

  • 15.3.2021

Since winter 2014, I have been working with Finnish companies to craft effective sales pitches that they can use in international sales situations. These have been used in pitching competitions, for one-on-one sales meetings and at international trade fairs and exhibitions. Recently, one of my ‘Sales Pitch workshop’ customers made a comment that made me think ‘This can really have a long-term effect’.


“The Sales Pitch workshop with you had a real effect. Since then, something changed in me. I used to be really nervous about my English language skills but, nowadays, when I see one of my international partners calling me I am excited that I get to practice a little more. Then, we spend an hour or so chatting.”
Susanna Myllymäki, MoreJoy Oy 

That Sales Pitch workshop was organised by Xport three years ago. We made a presentation for Susanna to use at trade shows, so it incorporated talking about the MoreJoy product collection while walking around their stand. At the time, I had no idea that Susanna was nervous about using English – it did not show – but I was really pleased to hear her say it. And pleased that it had a long-lasting effect.

Another company really absorbed what they had learned before going to a trade show in the UK. They practised their presentation before the event, so they were ready on day one when the show opened. They adjusted the script every evening, based on their experiences, until they had perfected it. This is what they said afterwards:


“Practising our English sales pitch gave us more confidence at the show. We will do this in future when speaking Finnish at shows in Finland – every company should do this!”
Timo Hoisko, Owner/Designer, Ko-Ho Industrial Design

You can read more about Ko-Ho’s experience in our
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In the COVID era of 2020-21, I have continued to deliver sales pitch workshops online. It requires a little adjustment but the principle of the workshop remains the same and, as people become more-and-more used to online meetings, it has continued to be effective. In fact, with more remote meetings, it is more important to communicate your company’s message clearly during a video call.

If you think your company could benefit from sharpening its sales presentation technique, ahead of an important event or (video) meeting, then contact Xport to learn how you could arrange a Sales Pitch Workshop at your company.


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