Mahshid blog post

Uusi työharjoittelija kerää uusia kokemuksia Xportilla

  • 4.7.2022

”Kesäkuun alussa Xportilla aloitti Seamkin opintoihin työharjoittelun Mahshid Izadi, joka on kokenut kansainvälisen vienti- ja tuontikaupan osaaja, ja saapunut Suomeen 10 kk sitten kotimaastaan Iranista.  Alla Mahshid kertoo itsestään ja tulevaisuudensuunnitelmistaan. Tervetuloa Mahshid!”

My full name is Mahshid Izadi and I am from Iran. I am 34 years old and I have been living and studying in Finland about 10 months.

I am a holder of bachelor and master degree in agricultural engineering and another master degree in business management as well. Now I am studying in business administration, bachelor degree at SeAMK. Before moving to Finland, I was working in chamber of commerce about 7 years as a market development expert. In chamber of commerce, more than half of my tasks were related to international activities. we were analyzing of trade Statistics, determining the potential export target markets of the province’s products and everything related to export and import. We also were taking measures related to the acceptance and dispatch of the trade delegations, Monitoring seminars and virtual meetings and provision of reports on target country with economic and commercial approach. These are some of duties that I was doing in my job.

I would like to do tasks related to export and import of products and target markets and everything related to marketing and selling. I also enjoy fulfilling administrative duties and would love the opportunity to grow and develop my abilities in related tasks.