Export Team For Hire To Execute Your Export Sales


An external export team will strengthen your company from the inside.

The purpose of the export team is to find and contact new customers and/or partners and increase sales. The export team as a service is a good alternative to hiring a full-time export manager.

We offer the export team service in cooperation with Export Discovery and work as their representative in Finland.

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The export team includes

  • Export Discovery dedicated export salesperson
    • Finds and contacts new customers and arranges meetings
  • Export Discovery dedicated team leader
    • Daily meeting on the results, targets and plans with the salesperson
    • Participates in meetings with the salesperson
    • Creates a strategy, monitors the sales process and supports the export salesperson
  • Export Discovery Sales Director
    • Weekly meeting on the results, targets and plans with the the salesperson and the team leader
  • Xport employee
    • Always attending the weekly meeting
    • Assists the Finnish customer in daily matters & decisions and represents them in meetings
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Service description

  • Confirmation that the company is ready for export growth
  • Create a strategy
    • Decide the distribution channel
    • Create a customer / partner profile
  • Training of the export team
  • Begin the contacting and sales
    • Organize sales meetings
    • Send samples and offers
  • Receiving orders, increasing sales and managing relationships
    • All data available to the customer
    • A meeting, report and a plan every two weeks
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Benefits of the service:

  • A team of four works to increase your export sales
  • Processes, metrics, tools, etc. ready
  • Efficiency - time use 100% for sales work
  • Short notice period
  • Holidays - 2 weeks in summer, 1 week at Christmas
  • Sick leave substitution
  • No hiring processes and HR responsibilities

If you want to hear more about the export team, you can contact Marko directly or make an appointment for a video meeting.

Marko Luoma
+358 45 880 3770

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"We have used Xport's Rental Export Manager service to help with the Swedish market.

We have gained many new customer contacts, increased the company's awareness in Sweden, received good requests for quotations, made our first deals and successfully completed these projects.

The cooperation has been smooth, personal chemistry is working well and we have both learned new things."

Juha Äijänaho
Alavus Ikkunat Oy